An Artist Passionate About Nature Conservation

“The plight of endangered animal species inspires me to help bring forefront awareness to animal conservation and preservation of their natural habitats by restoring healthy populations of wildlife to protect and preserve natural ecosystems.  I help by donating either complete works of art for fundraising or a portion of the proceeds of sold artwork to rescue and rehabilitation groups who selflessly commit to the rescue, rehabilitation and  release of  magnificent animal species back into their natural environment.”

Meet Kati

Kati is a professional award winning artist working from her home studio in Cape town, South Africa.

Her intrinsic talent began as a young girl with her father – an exceptionally talented artist in his spare time – teaching her discipline, patience and meticulous focus on every drawing. He taught Kati to visualize and imagine what could not be seen. This is the foundation of her work today, juxtaposed with serious subject matter evoking emotional connections.

My Art

As a promising wildlife artist, my work graces the walls of individual collectors in the UK, USA and South Africa.

“This is my legacy.  No matter how small the contributions, I  know that these are the things that matter and life can only be sustained by all living things living in harmony for the sake of our home…earth.”

Photo reference: Horse - Gill Merritt, Egret - Unsplash